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Life Coaching

There is not much in life as satisfying as helping other people. By training to be a coach, you can help other people find their way in life while making a living for yourself as well as having the satisfaction of doing a job that helps people who may be floundering in life. All that is required from you is a desire to help people and you could find yourself in a rewarding career where you make connections with new people on a daily basis and have a significant impact on their lives.

Women Career Coaching

Thanks you so much for taking more time and sharing on this very interesting thoughts. I am looking forward for more post from you soon.

Women Career Coaching


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Kent Julian

Very inspiring post Deborah! Thank you so much for sharing to us such great thoughts. As a Life and Career coach, it's always been my pleasure to help people move to the life and work they love and I've personally grown myself from doing that.

In this profession, I’ve learned to pay preposterous attention to clients. I always believe that a successful life and career coaching requires more than sharing career guidance or job search strategies; it requires exorbitant, extravagant, outrageous, ridiculous attention. This is because clients need more than my career advice or tips, they need my ears, my eyes, my mind, and my heart. When I give clients preposterous attention, I serve them wholeheartedly and with the excellence they deserve.

Again, thank you for sharing Deborah and keep on inspiring! :)


As a Life and Career coach, I have a coach! It doesn't matter how successful we get, the moment we think we've arrived, is the moment we're in danger of falling!

Daniel Milstein

Good Share.I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you're talking about. Can't wait to read more from you!

Ken Bradford

I have not always been purposeful in getting the coaching I need. While random and haphazard feedback has helped til now. I am learning that to be extremely focused in getting the right coach produces a greater and more positive result.

Career Advice Blog

As someone who serves in the career advisor role at times, I completely echo your statement that coaching definitely works. I've been lucky enough to have great mentors to shepherd me throughout my career. I'd hope I can do the same for others. Kudos on your result!

Dissertation Writing

You said right about the Coaching works because you have someone who helps,also by the help the life will move on and the main thing is the coaching works if you didn't do that then you have less chance to study more and get the things in the knowledge that you wants,so really good and useful thoughts you make.

Dissertation Writing

Coaching work is also about living as an evolving, creative act, and themselves as performers of more effective and satisfying ways of being in the world.And you said absolutely right about the clearing things,when you got the things cleat then you can go through and can succeed in your mission.


nice post! I do believe that coaching can help you, thus making you unstoppable is another way or the win-win way!lol.


People deserve good life and loan or just college loan will make it much better. Just because freedom is based on money state.

John Papers

Thank you for share this information..

Pam Perry

yes! I am an PR Coach and I have coaches! I have an internet coach, a business coach and a life coach. It is a necessary "secret weapon" today to be unstoppable. thanks for this insight. My clients say the same thing! It's amazing how much faster two can go than one! :)

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